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 "Reach your soul through art and find your free inner child.


Art is creating perfection with imperfection, it’s freedom, I’m reinventing myself each time I’m starting a new piece." 


Coco Maya.


Coco Maya is a French artist, born in the South-West of France, lived for a few years in Paris and she is now back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles.

She loves to mix acrylic with oil paint, pastels oil, acrylic pencils, inks, collages... There are no rules in her artistic journey. Freedom is her path. 


She has been featured in 2022, by La Passione art Gallery for the "Essence exhibition", in Burbank  at the "Women and Art" exhibition, and in the book "Capture".  

Her art reveals her journey. 

She is fascinated by the Deconstructivism movement.

We are in the beauty of deconstruction, with a deepness in Asymmetry where a being can hide sometimes...

About Coco

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